Dance: An Art Form

I’ve always felt that dance is my release, my escape from the world around me. It allows me to shine, and forget the rest of my problems. For those of you who don’t dance (because let’s face it, everyone can dance – it’s just a matter of how well), liken it to something you have a passion for. Whether that be running or painting or even writing, you’ll know what I mean when I say that this is my release. Once I start dancing, nothing really matters except for the moves.

Of all the episodes I’ve watched of So You Think You Can Dance, this has to be my all time favorite. The story, the expressions, and of course, the dancing. I feel that you can really see how dance is an art form through this piece. There are so many minute details that come together to form this, and it is amazing.

After watching this a couple times, I really do miss dancing.

Until next time,