Things To Accomplish

Buy a Volkswagen Beetle (in yellow).

Ride a motorcycle.

Travel to a foreign country and volunteer.

Make chocolate chip and/or blueberry pancakes.

Finish The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

(I was so sad when it finished, but it’s a really good series! Consider watching it. Although reading the actual book (Pride & Prejudice) will be helpful, I think it’s fine to watch as is.)

Do ootd posts for a whole month.

Buy riding boots.

Get new glasses.

(They’re purple. Funny story, the lady at the place where I got them said they were too big for my face and didn’t compliment it, but those were the only ones I wanted. Plus, I’ve gotten remarks that they do look good so HA, lady.)

Get into some college.

(I swear I will write a post about it.)

Not be as forgetful.


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