Shop Til You Drop

Yesterday, I went on a shopping spree.

It was amazing.

In case you haven’t read my other posts (ahem, Confessions of a Shopaholic & Confessions of a Shopaholic Pt. 2), something that I like to do is shop. Of course, this time around I was completely justified. I’m going to college!

My first purchases was from Nordstrom Rack. To be honest, I think it’s just a more expensive Ross or Marshall’s. You really have to take your time and search for good pieces. I think my mom and I spent a good two hours there. The store tries to make it easier by putting the clothes on racks by size, but you know us consumers – we just pick up clothes we like and immediately shove it back onto some other rack when we see the price tag.

I had purchased a pink North Face, but my mom conveniently forgot to tell me she already had one so she’s going to go return it some other day. The price was astounding – $290 retail, $174 on sale. I also purchased an “ultra lightweight packable down” by Miss Sixty. This jacket makes me feel like I’m resting on a cloud. It’s so soft. According to the tag, it’s made of a mixture of down & feathers. At a price tag of $59.97, it’s not too bad. I’m hoping it’ll come into use for the horrible Boston winters. I also got this black polyester shirt, which I’m pretty proud of because it was only $20. It’s such a versatile piece, with the capability of being dressed up or down.

Next, I went to Bath & Body Works. I swear, when I’m there, I can’t distinguish the different smells. I think it’s just too overwhelming for my nose. Regardless, I bought body wash, body cream, and a sugar scrub. I ended up choosing Country Chic just because the smell is fresh & not too overwhelming. My mom really liked Cashmere Glow, which is very similar in smell to Be Delicious by DKNY (at least, that’s what I think she uses). You can understand my hesitance at smelling like my mom, so I decided to get a body cream in that scent. B&B had a discount – buy 2, get the 3rd free or buy 4, get the 5th free. Deciding she wanted a body cream too, my mom decided to use the buy 4, get the 5th free deal. Also, I swear I saw a guy that looked exactly like Chris Hemsworth (but with a high-pitched voice) at the store.

And, of course, the next shop we hit up was Victoria’s Secret. I am seriously in love with their sweatpants. I don’t know what it is about them, but they’re so comfortable and they last. I also love their leggings, because while they aren’t exactly cheap, they’ve lasted me almost two years which definitely is worth it. I got the new collegiate pant, which I haven’t tried on yet. Unfortunately, the store I went to didn’t have an XS in black, so I got it in grey while my mom got one in blue. With a purchase of $65 or more, VS was giving away “free” headphones, so I am now the proud owner of hot pink headphones that say pink. They aren’t the best headphones, but hey – at least I didn’t pay for them (directly).

And finally on my list, my school bag. I’ve had a variety of bags over my stint in middle/high school. I’ve had normal backpacks, purses, satchels, messenger bags – you name it. I’m not the most careful person ever, so my mom really wanted me to get a bag I could clean. One that wouldn’t be high maintenance. If you had asked me last year whether or not I would get a nylon bag, I would’ve said a definite ‘no’. But I’ve found myself liking these nylon totes more and more so, finally, I got one.

Readers, meet my baby – MICHAEL Michael Kors Hangbag, Kempton East West Tote. I bought this from Macy’s. Luckily, there was a sale on any turquoise or mandarin bag (which was odd, but I wasn’t going to question it). I’m so excited to walk around with this by my side.

Less than a month, and I am off to Boston!

Until next time,


P.S. I’m taking my behind the wheel test again next Friday! Wish me luck!


Outfit: Study Day

outfit lazy daySweatshirt: Topshop, Leggings: Topshop, Boots: Buckle, Scarf: Topshop, Earrings: Pacsun, Glasses: Urban Outfitters

It’s outfit time! Today’s theme is study day – you know, when you want to head to the library and just get some studying done or get a steaming cup of coffee from your nearest Starbucks. Regardless, here’s a comfortable, yet stylish outfit. I kept to mostly a dark color scheme, with a few color accents. The leggings from Topshop are actually leather leggings, which dress the outfit up a bit. The boots give a touch of fierceness with the studs. Personally, I liked the scarf because it gave the outfit a bit more of a softer touch. I actually do have glasses, so I would wear those but if you don’t have a pair and feel like you want that look, Urban Outfitters has a nice & cheap pair for $14 (linked above). As for the earrings, I’d suggest nothing too flashy (as in chandelier earrings or something to that effect), but a stud in any color/pattern/animal you like should look cute but not distracting. If you try this outfit, feel free to send a picture to me!

Until next time,


Outfits: Dressy

I really wanted to start posting different outfits. Often, I find myself forgetting to post outfits that I wear, so that was a bust. Instead, as college is coming up, I decided to start a look book of sorts with different outfits. Hope you enjoy!

ImageDress: Macy’s (by Guess), Heels: Nine West, Clutch: Nordstrom (by Expressions NYC), Cuff: F21, Earrings: F21

This can definitely be worn at a party or get-together! I love the combination of pink & gold as you can see by the collage. There’s something that’s really eye-catching and powerful about it, in my opinion. I actually own the dress and the heels. A word of warning – if you’re not used to heels, I definitely suggest substituting them for something lower and more comfortable. For me, although I’m not great on heels, I fell in love with these. They make a girl feel confident! The cuff is very classy, adjustable, and affordable! What more could you want? I think they help the outfit reach a level of sophistication. This can also be said about the clutch, which is in white & gold. With earrings, I feel like it’s definitely easy to go for fun and bright rather than sophisticated, so I found this cute lightning bolt studs from Forever 21 for a great price.

Any suggestions? Questions? Leave them in the comments below!

-shivaaani (:

The College Conundrum

co-nun-drum  noun

1. a riddle whose answer is or involves a pun
2. a: a question or problem having only a conjectural answer
     b: an intricate and difficult problem
     I recently read an article on Wall Street Journal, entitled To (All) The Colleges That Rejected Me. Basically, she’s complaining about the fact that while colleges want you to be “yourself”, you actually have to have so and so accomplishment with this type of internship while being this ethnicity. Her article has garnered a lot of responses. As a High School Ambassador for Her Campus, my attention was brought to an article written by the HC Editorial Team. The gist of this article is that while Weiss did bring up a few good points, the majority of her article was unfair. In their opinion, Weiss should’ve taken initiative and developed passions, instead of sitting back and blaming her parents for it. Although, they bring up the interesting fact that her GPA is 4.5 with an SAT of 2120. With those types of scores, Weiss has hardly nothing to complain about. It is clear that she has the brain power, but what isn’t is her motivation behind her work.
     In my opinion, Weiss definitely has the right to complain (now, whether doing so on WSJ was the correct way is up in the air), but in the end, she can’t claim her rejections were due to her parents and colleges. It’s the easy way out. Blame someone else and leave yourself blameless. Colleges, I’d like to think, love drive – seeing a student go out of their way to fulfill their passion. The funny thing about college is you can’t depend on your stellar scores and legacy or whatnot to get you in. It’s a lot more than that.
     It’s about your ability to be yourself.
     Let me explain. Obviously, at this point, you can’t become Native American overnight. You can’t suddenly develop a passion to volunteer with about three months before college applications (well, you can, but it’ll look suspicious). What you can do is take interest in what you like to do. Do you enjoy swimming? Try out for the swim team. Do club swimming. Look into volunteering at the swim center. That’s just one example of all the possibilities.
     Face it, college admissions suck. There’s no tried and true method. It’s all up in the air, and sometimes, it feels as though it’s down to luck. We can’t mold ourselves to be the perfect student because there is no perfect student. All you can do is try your best at what you do because your happiness is what matters. Stats matter, of course they do, but you can only go so far with them. You can do as much SAT boot camp, or as many practice tests as you want, but at some point you’ll have to accept enough is enough.
     I know this has gone on a bit of a tangent, but I really just wanted to encourage you all who still have time to enjoy and work hard. College admissions is definitely unfair, but complaining that it’s all due to your parents or colleges or whatever excuse you can come up with isn’t going to help. What is going to help is being real with yourself.
My two cents,
shivaaani (:

Día de los Enamorados

(or, you know, Valentine’s Day)

Today was a pretty interesting day, actually. I got a couple of grams from my friends. Quick note, I think my school got a bit cheaper. They attached minuscule warheads instead of the regular big candy. Although, maybe it was just to my grams because some of my friends got pretty big sized tootsie rolls. After that, I got a cupcake. And I got two singing grams (where people sing to you) – Gangnam Style & some song in Spanish (I think it was Cuando estás conmigo? But not sure!) Anyways, that was a fun experience as always. See, my friend and I have been “competing” to see who could top the other.

Anywhoooo, here’s the more important part. We had to write poems in Spanish, that could be [I don’t know what I was going to say here, but I fell asleep so I felt like I should put this up]

I’m not completely sure what I was going to say, but here’s my poem!


Amor es facíl

como el aire – puro, invisible, fuerte

La fuerza más conocido del mundo

Entre dos personas juntas

  o un padre y su niño

No importa – amor es amor

No puede controlarlo;

 puede ser difícil

como una roca – duro, visible, fuerte

Es una emoción incontrolable

También es lo que haces para una persona

Lo que dejas para esa persona


Amor es complicado

como una persona – dificíl, distinto, fuerte

Es diferente para cada persona

pero esta verdad es lo más interesante sobre amor


La distancia no es un chiste,

pero vale la pena

cuando estamos juntos

So, there it is. Those are the same pictures I used, which I got from Tumblr. I suppose I should also translate, but the thing about Spanish is that when translated, it doesn’t sound as pretty (plus my poem doesn’t make sense in some places…), so I’ll just let you, my readers, enjoy these words.

Until next time,

shivaaani (:

“Hit the Lights”

Our 2013 Winter Formal entitled “Hit the Lights” was yesterday. I can’t say I was incredibly happy or surprised with the results, mostly because last year’s formal was similar. Our school’s dances are never that great. Still, I had fun with my good friends. So, without further ado, here was my night:


Last year, I got ready with my friends, who helped me with everything. I wasn’t incredibly happy with the results. This year, I decided on going with a different group, who didn’t really care about getting ready together, so we all just got ready separately. I should’ve washed my hair the day before, but being the lazy person I am, I did not. So, I washed my hair that morning and blow-dryed the crap out of it, combing it. It was actually really straight, but I really wanted an up-do.


So, I was browsing on Pinterest when I came across this updo hairstyle. Granted, it is for a wedding, but I didn’t mind.


“Vintage Faux Bob”

I never do this type of hairstyle, so I figured there was no harm in trying something new.  I found one flaw though – I can’t really do hair all that well. My mom couldn’t really do it either, so she called this girl that usually helps. Her name’s Myra and she’s really good with hair/makeup/etc type things. She’s actually modeled a couple of times, and been on TV, so she’s learned to do that sort of thing.

While it didn’t come out exactly the way I pictured it would, I was satisfied. What she did was that she divided my hair into two sections – top & bottom section. With the bottom section, she created a sock bun (with a sock! first timer :D) towards the bottom left of my head. She curled the hair in the top section. Taking some of that hair, she braided it and pinned it around my bun. The remaining hair just stayed on the side of my face. I know that sounds super confusing, but I don’t have a clear picture of it, unfortunately. I’ll edit this if my friends upload better pictures with my hair kind of visible.


So, for makeup, my mom claims that I always do too much. All I knew was that since I had red heels with my dress, I would do red lips. Anyways, let me just go through the process.

First, I used MAC Prep + Prime which is basically a base for your makeup. It’s nice to put underneath makeup so that your skin doesn’t look super dry and it helps even out your makeup. I just used my fingers because I’m not the biggest fashion guru out there, and I don’t have brushes designed to put on primer (do they even have those? probably). Second, I used my liquid foundation MAC Studio Fix Liquid in NC44. I lost my new foundation, which made sure my skin didn’t breakout and was very light, so I had to use this. It’s not bad – it actually matches my skin well. The only thing is, it’s a bit heavy so I tend to start breaking out after a while. I set the look with Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder in Golden Suntan. To be honest, once I put it on, my skin looked a bit darker, but the shininess from the foundation was gone.

For my eyes, I used Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Then, I used this charcoal grey color from my Victoria Secret eye shadow set. It comes out pretty light on skin, and you really have to put quite a bit on to see some color. Towards the edge, I put MAC eyeshadow (Print Satin) and dragged that into the crease. I blended it a bit, and it didn’t look too bad. After that, I lined my eyes with my gel eyeliner from Rimmel London. I really like gel eyeliner, because it gives you a lot more control then liquid or pencil eyeliner do. For my waterline, however, I used a pencil eyeliner.

For my lips, I put some rose salve on before I put M.A.C Red (by MAC, A99). I put about two-three application, making sure to blot in between each time. Overall, I thought the lips popped nicely against the black and silver dress and matched with my nails/heels.

I put on some blush aaaaaand that was that.


The dress was my mom’s from about two years ago, so needless to say, no one had it. It was a bit loose, but I think it looks fine. Pictures soon!

Photo Booth pictures!

Photo Booth pictures!



So, all in all, it was pretty boring. We went to souplantation, which was pretty good. The food was cheap (one of my friends even found a coupon). I had salad, biscuits, foccacia bread, baked potato, apple cobbler with ice cream, blueberry muffin with ice cream, and a soda (even though I was supposed to go water #rebel). It was really good. Needless to say, we were stuffed which was good considering that there was nothing at the actual event.

After that, parents picked us up and we went to the actual venue. It was about 30-45 minutes, give or take, so not bad all in all. We were early, so we had to wait in the cold. Slowly, people started to show up (like freshman in limos – yeah, I know). Soon enough, we were in line to get through security. Yeah, that’s how cool we are. For the past few years, they’ve had security to make sure we don’t sneak in booze or anything like that. The guys get patted down while the girls’ purses/jackets get searched. When it was my turn, I got stopped and they let the guys’ dates in. The guys’ line is always shorter, so I suppose they wanted to go in with their dates but still. We had been waiting for a good 5-10 minutes, and they were just going to waltz right past us? No way. I made sure that the girls who passed us knew my opinion loud and clear. Jeez, just because my group went stag doesn’t mean that they can just make us wait. On top of that, they made me put an eye drop in (I brought drops which help when my contacts irritate my eye), just to make sure it wasn’t something else. Really… This isn’t airport security, people.

Finally, we were all in. So, the place would’ve been really pretty had we been able to see it. Since it was so dark, we couldn’t really appreciate it fully. Let’s just say it was really cold. Now, I won’t bore you with the morbid details. Basically, they only served cookies and brownies (the shock & horror), but the drinks were good (they serves shirley temples!). My friend wanted to get a caricature done, so we waited in line for about 2 hours (I know), and by the time we were done, there was only half an hour left of the dance. We danced a bit, but the DJ sucked, so we went to the Photo Booth. We got picked up. The End!

I mean, sure, there were a few laughs here and there, but for the most part, it was just an average formal – not too boring, not too exciting.

I might post some pictures later.

Until later,

shivaaani (:

All about the Nails

So, first of all, I’d like to showcase my newly painted nails.

Tribal Print

Ta-da! Exciting, huh? I’m actually pretty proud of the way they turned out, although it was a right pain to try and paint them. I believe it took around 3-4 hours? Yeah. Exactly. What a pain. But I think the rewards more than make up for it. (: I really like my nails.


So, I know that a lot of websites make painting tribal nails easy, and once you get the hang of it, I guarantee that it won’t be as hard as it looks.


Colors – It honestly doesn’t matter which colors you use. I chose to go rather simple, but you can search the web for examples. The amount of colors is up to you. Personally, I used Revlon Colorstay in 120 Red Carpet for the red nail, Sephora by OPI in SE 220 What’s a Tire Jack for the black, and L’Oreal 220 i will! for the white. I did also use a few colors for one of the nails (the thumb on the left side), but really this design is about what you want.

Bobby pins.

Mechanical pencil.

Nail art brush (I threw the nail polish away since it was too goopy to be salvaged, but the brush was perfectly fine!)

Matte nail polish top coat

Standard base coat & top coat


1. Put on your base coat. Let it dry.

2. Put on the base coat (as in the color you want underneath everything). It’s up to you if you want one different nail, but here I chose to paint my index fingernail red. I used black as the color to go underneath everything.

3. Bobby pins are really good for making dots. Just dab some of the nail polish from the brush onto a piece of cardboard or something. Then, use the bottom of your bobby pin (the one with the two prong things) and dip one of the two round things into the nail polish. Then make dots on your nails!

4. For making lines, I found that using the nail art brush made things ten times easier. I have a relatively steady hand, so I just did lines on my nails that I liked.

5. For dots, you can also use a mechanical pencil (weird huh?!). Basically, just make sure the lead’s not too close to the actual pencil so you don’t smear the pencil with paint. Dip the lead in the polish and paint on the nail. These tend to turn out smaller than the bobby pin circles.

6. Before using the matte top coat, I brushed on top coat (just the normal one) so that it would give my polish extra protection. Once that tried, I brushed on the matte coat and voila! All done.

Note – You can use actual, professional nail polish tools. I’m just too cheap to get those, so I make do with what I have available for the most part.

Hope you enjoyed this!

shivaaani (: