I Don’t Belong In The Kitchen

What really gets on my nerve, more than anything, is the ingrained standard that women are to take care of everything in the house while men are free to do whatever they want solely because… 

Fill in the blank yourself, because there is no logical reason.

Now look, I’m not complaining about having to cook or having to clean. These are the concerns and complaints of an everyday teenager. Now what I am complaining about is that my mother chooses to come to me with these chores when my perfectly good, oaf of a brother is sitting on the couch playing on his iPhone, cackling to himself.

I’d be fine if I was the one to do the cooking so long as my brother was the one to do the cleaning. This, unfortunately, is not a scenario that will happen under my mother’s roof. 

See, if I complain, my mother simply turns this around and makes me look like the villain. She makes me look like the lazy, good-for-nothing daughter that does nothing at home (which is not that far from the truth, but still). She’ll then ignore me, and if she does talk to me, she’ll use herself as an example as to why I should help her in the kitchen.

First of all, I have zero interest in cooking. Second of all:

Dear future husband,

You are going to cook and clean just as I do. Capisce? 

Love, your future wife

Maybe I am a bitter, but I’m sick of these archaic traditions. Women are not meant to be in the kitchen; it’s somewhere we choose to be. For my mom, the kitchen is a place she chooses to be. She loves cooking. That’s her thing. But for me, this couldn’t be farther from what I want.

Problems of an eighteen-year-old Gujarati kid, I suppose.


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