Shop Til You Drop

Yesterday, I went on a shopping spree.

It was amazing.

In case you haven’t read my other posts (ahem, Confessions of a Shopaholic & Confessions of a Shopaholic Pt. 2), something that I like to do is shop. Of course, this time around I was completely justified. I’m going to college!

My first purchases was from Nordstrom Rack. To be honest, I think it’s just a more expensive Ross or Marshall’s. You really have to take your time and search for good pieces. I think my mom and I spent a good two hours there. The store tries to make it easier by putting the clothes on racks by size, but you know us consumers – we just pick up clothes we like and immediately shove it back onto some other rack when we see the price tag.

I had purchased a pink North Face, but my mom conveniently forgot to tell me she already had one so she’s going to go return it some other day. The price was astounding – $290 retail, $174 on sale. I also purchased an “ultra lightweight packable down” by Miss Sixty. This jacket makes me feel like I’m resting on a cloud. It’s so soft. According to the tag, it’s made of a mixture of down & feathers. At a price tag of $59.97, it’s not too bad. I’m hoping it’ll come into use for the horrible Boston winters. I also got this black polyester shirt, which I’m pretty proud of because it was only $20. It’s such a versatile piece, with the capability of being dressed up or down.

Next, I went to Bath & Body Works. I swear, when I’m there, I can’t distinguish the different smells. I think it’s just too overwhelming for my nose. Regardless, I bought body wash, body cream, and a sugar scrub. I ended up choosing Country Chic just because the smell is fresh & not too overwhelming. My mom really liked Cashmere Glow, which is very similar in smell to Be Delicious by DKNY (at least, that’s what I think she uses). You can understand my hesitance at smelling like my mom, so I decided to get a body cream in that scent. B&B had a discount – buy 2, get the 3rd free or buy 4, get the 5th free. Deciding she wanted a body cream too, my mom decided to use the buy 4, get the 5th free deal. Also, I swear I saw a guy that looked exactly like Chris Hemsworth (but with a high-pitched voice) at the store.

And, of course, the next shop we hit up was Victoria’s Secret. I am seriously in love with their sweatpants. I don’t know what it is about them, but they’re so comfortable and they last. I also love their leggings, because while they aren’t exactly cheap, they’ve lasted me almost two years which definitely is worth it. I got the new collegiate pant, which I haven’t tried on yet. Unfortunately, the store I went to didn’t have an XS in black, so I got it in grey while my mom got one in blue. With a purchase of $65 or more, VS was giving away “free” headphones, so I am now the proud owner of hot pink headphones that say pink. They aren’t the best headphones, but hey – at least I didn’t pay for them (directly).

And finally on my list, my school bag. I’ve had a variety of bags over my stint in middle/high school. I’ve had normal backpacks, purses, satchels, messenger bags – you name it. I’m not the most careful person ever, so my mom really wanted me to get a bag I could clean. One that wouldn’t be high maintenance. If you had asked me last year whether or not I would get a nylon bag, I would’ve said a definite ‘no’. But I’ve found myself liking these nylon totes more and more so, finally, I got one.

Readers, meet my baby – MICHAEL Michael Kors Hangbag, Kempton East West Tote. I bought this from Macy’s. Luckily, there was a sale on any turquoise or mandarin bag (which was odd, but I wasn’t going to question it). I’m so excited to walk around with this by my side.

Less than a month, and I am off to Boston!

Until next time,


P.S. I’m taking my behind the wheel test again next Friday! Wish me luck!


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