Outfits: Dressy

I really wanted to start posting different outfits. Often, I find myself forgetting to post outfits that I wear, so that was a bust. Instead, as college is coming up, I decided to start a look book of sorts with different outfits. Hope you enjoy!

ImageDress: Macy’s (by Guess), Heels: Nine West, Clutch: Nordstrom (by Expressions NYC), Cuff: F21, Earrings: F21

This can definitely be worn at a party or get-together! I love the combination of pink & gold as you can see by the collage. There’s something that’s really eye-catching and powerful about it, in my opinion. I actually own the dress and the heels. A word of warning – if you’re not used to heels, I definitely suggest substituting them for something lower and more comfortable. For me, although I’m not great on heels, I fell in love with these. They make a girl feel confident! The cuff is very classy, adjustable, and affordable! What more could you want? I think they help the outfit reach a level of sophistication. This can also be said about the clutch, which is in white & gold. With earrings, I feel like it’s definitely easy to go for fun and bright rather than sophisticated, so I found this cute lightning bolt studs from Forever 21 for a great price.

Any suggestions? Questions? Leave them in the comments below!

-shivaaani (:


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