Día de los Enamorados

(or, you know, Valentine’s Day)

Today was a pretty interesting day, actually. I got a couple of grams from my friends. Quick note, I think my school got a bit cheaper. They attached minuscule warheads instead of the regular big candy. Although, maybe it was just to my grams because some of my friends got pretty big sized tootsie rolls. After that, I got a cupcake. And I got two singing grams (where people sing to you) – Gangnam Style & some song in Spanish (I think it was Cuando estás conmigo? But not sure!) Anyways, that was a fun experience as always. See, my friend and I have been “competing” to see who could top the other.

Anywhoooo, here’s the more important part. We had to write poems in Spanish, that could be [I don’t know what I was going to say here, but I fell asleep so I felt like I should put this up]

I’m not completely sure what I was going to say, but here’s my poem!


Amor es facíl

como el aire – puro, invisible, fuerte

La fuerza más conocido del mundo

Entre dos personas juntas

  o un padre y su niño

No importa – amor es amor

No puede controlarlo;

 puede ser difícil

como una roca – duro, visible, fuerte

Es una emoción incontrolable

También es lo que haces para una persona

Lo que dejas para esa persona


Amor es complicado

como una persona – dificíl, distinto, fuerte

Es diferente para cada persona

pero esta verdad es lo más interesante sobre amor


La distancia no es un chiste,

pero vale la pena

cuando estamos juntos

So, there it is. Those are the same pictures I used, which I got from Tumblr. I suppose I should also translate, but the thing about Spanish is that when translated, it doesn’t sound as pretty (plus my poem doesn’t make sense in some places…), so I’ll just let you, my readers, enjoy these words.

Until next time,

shivaaani (:


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