All about the Nails

So, first of all, I’d like to showcase my newly painted nails.

Tribal Print

Ta-da! Exciting, huh? I’m actually pretty proud of the way they turned out, although it was a right pain to try and paint them. I believe it took around 3-4 hours? Yeah. Exactly. What a pain. But I think the rewards more than make up for it. (: I really like my nails.


So, I know that a lot of websites make painting tribal nails easy, and once you get the hang of it, I guarantee that it won’t be as hard as it looks.


Colors – It honestly doesn’t matter which colors you use. I chose to go rather simple, but you can search the web for examples. The amount of colors is up to you. Personally, I used Revlon Colorstay in 120 Red Carpet for the red nail, Sephora by OPI in SE 220 What’s a Tire Jack for the black, and L’Oreal 220 i will! for the white. I did also use a few colors for one of the nails (the thumb on the left side), but really this design is about what you want.

Bobby pins.

Mechanical pencil.

Nail art brush (I threw the nail polish away since it was too goopy to be salvaged, but the brush was perfectly fine!)

Matte nail polish top coat

Standard base coat & top coat


1. Put on your base coat. Let it dry.

2. Put on the base coat (as in the color you want underneath everything). It’s up to you if you want one different nail, but here I chose to paint my index fingernail red. I used black as the color to go underneath everything.

3. Bobby pins are really good for making dots. Just dab some of the nail polish from the brush onto a piece of cardboard or something. Then, use the bottom of your bobby pin (the one with the two prong things) and dip one of the two round things into the nail polish. Then make dots on your nails!

4. For making lines, I found that using the nail art brush made things ten times easier. I have a relatively steady hand, so I just did lines on my nails that I liked.

5. For dots, you can also use a mechanical pencil (weird huh?!). Basically, just make sure the lead’s not too close to the actual pencil so you don’t smear the pencil with paint. Dip the lead in the polish and paint on the nail. These tend to turn out smaller than the bobby pin circles.

6. Before using the matte top coat, I brushed on top coat (just the normal one) so that it would give my polish extra protection. Once that tried, I brushed on the matte coat and voila! All done.

Note – You can use actual, professional nail polish tools. I’m just too cheap to get those, so I make do with what I have available for the most part.

Hope you enjoyed this!

shivaaani (:



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