What to Do When You Find Yourself In A Foreign Country

(or specifically India because I’ve never been to another Foreign Country)

Okay, that was technically a lie because I’ve been to other foreign countries such as England, Singapore, and more recently, Dubai. However, these were just stop overs and as such, do not count.

Anyways, for my winter break (plus a week of school that I missed), I went to the motherland – India. I’ve been wanting to write about it for a while, but I haven’t really figured how to write about it so here’s a guide to India.


So, it really depends on what part of India you’re going to, but I’ll just give general advice. Try not to bring your fanciest clothes ever, because the water is hard (if that makes sense, just look it up) which means that it’s not good for your clothes. And the soap sometimes will discolor your clothes. So, if you do choose to bring nice clothes – SEND THEM TO THE DRY CLEANERS! (yes, those exist in India) Trust me, my green and blue socks turned into different colors, so just heed my warnings.

I think it’s good to bring soaps, face wash, etc in a container that you can just leave in India, because to be honest, it’s just going to take up space in your bag when you come back. When there’s the chance that you can bring back some cool souvenirs, I think it’s better to just bring enough of your soap. ALSO, WORD OF WARNING – Don’t bring scrubs. I brought this all new sugary scrub thing from Bath & Body Works, and I found ants near it/in the cap, so I couldn’t use it and I had to leave the whole thing in India so lesson learned. Try not to bring super smelly (in a good way) lotions & stuff because in India, it’s pointless. Too many bugs.

Which brings me to my next point, bring lots of bug bite lotion! For protection, and for after getting the bite too! It’s really important, because if you put it on religiously, you’ll save yourself a lot of itchiness. I found that lotion is better than the spray because the spray makes you cough and it’s just gross to inhale. All in all, lotion is just easier and more manageable. Get the kind that you can clip to your purse so it’s convenient!

Don’t pack white clothes. Just don’t. India is basically dirt flying everywhere. Nine times out of ten I guarantee you will get it dirty. 

I know this isn’t part of packing, but make sure you get your shots and everything! & Malaria medicine. It’s really important, especially because of all the mosquitoes in India. You don’t want to take a risk, so why not just get the injections/medicine so you’re protected right? Right.

In addition, make sure to take food and medicine. You won’t always be able to find the medicine that you’re used to, so it’s good to take whatever you think you may need. Also, take food! If you get upset stomach, it’s better to just eat food you brought with you to not risk your health. Remember, safety first!

That’s really all I can remember for packing, so if I do remember anything, I’ll make sure to edit this!


Never, I repeat, never drink water unless you can verify that it is bottled water. Just don’t question me. You do not want to drink anything other than bottled water! If it’s not bottled, do not drink it! Same goes for soda.

Beware of dairy products, cause they can cause upset stomach! Just make sure that anything you have has been boiled first so that way the bacteria is at a minimum! 

Make sure to rest for a bit when you actually get to India. Get over your jet lag and just relax, because if you head straight into whatever it is you want to do, you’re probably going to get sick and that really isn’t any fun.

Go shopping! Honestly, it’s one of my favorite things about India. The shopping takes REALLY LONG (like longer than American shopping), but in the end, you can get some really cool things. I actually bought a sari for prom which I may or may not wear, but who knows. Super exciting. (: I love buying stuff from India.


Favorites! (:

*Quick note – Be prepared to wait in long lines at the airport, especially at the Indian one. Customs takes forever. If you’re a woman/girl, it’s a bit easier because they let you go into a line that goes faster but oh man, regardless, you’re going to have to wait.

Make sure to try “fast food joints” in India. For example, Pizza Hut and Mcdonalds are really good in India! And maybe it’s just me, but the facilities (excluding the bathrooms) look really nice! However, you won’t be able to find any beef burgers in McDonalds (I think it makes sense). But still, the burgers are really good! So is the pizza. (: 

Food is also really good! I know I’ve given a bunch of warnings, but still. Live a little? I had this mix thing at the beach and it was sooo good. And my mom’s brother’s wife’s family (what a mouthful) make such good food. Honestly, food comaaa! 

Well, that’s all from me, but if you have any questions or anything, just leave a comment below! 😀


shivaaani (:


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