What Makes You Beautiful

Again, it’s been a while.

What inspired me to write was actually these two comments on a facebook profile picture. The girl in question is pretty skinny, so the first comment says so. “Wow, you’re so skinny!” The next comment saddened me. It said, “translation: you’re beeeeeautiful!”.

This girl isn’t beautiful because she is skinny. She is beautiful because in society’s eyes, she has achieved the ideal body. That’s not to say that she’s isn’t good looking – I would say she is. The only thing that bugs me is that the only reason why she’s considered good looking is because of her weight. I suppose it might be because of her background, and the commenters’ backgrounds. They are Asian, and typically in an Asian society, women are prided on being  “small” and  “petite”.

As someone who has been on both ends of the spectrum, I can definitely attest to the challenges that come with both. When you’re fat, all you can think of is getting skinnier, looking like that one skinny girl. It’s really damaging on a person to feel like that. We are conditioned to think skinny is good, and not healthy, and so we must all attain that 00 jeans size. When you’re skinny, it’s all about maintaining it. Right now, I wear a size 0 or 1 jean size, and I still catch myself glancing at others who look skinnier than I do. I think to myself, why am I not as skinny as her?

It’s scary.

Personally, I think everyone has something about them that makes them beautiful. Yes, appearances are important, but that doesn’t mean that women all have to try to attain the perfect body. We are each unique, and yes, that means we all have different weights and sizes. That doesn’t make any of us less beautiful than the other.

I think it’s always important to have someone in your life who is encouraging, and never horribly critical of your weight, and is a positive in your life. If you don’t already, try finding someone like that. This person could be your mom, your dad, or even a friend, but I definitely think it’s important to have one.

We are all beautiful, no matter what anyone or even society says.


shivaaani (:


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