Taking Off

Airports are pretty cool.

I mean, have you ever just taken in the surroundings when going to an airport? (probably not, I’m weird) They’re made up of so many cultures when you think about it. At least on the international level, the airlines all have their respective countries. It’s no different with people either. The different languages you hear being spoken around you… Well, I definitely plan on learning more languages someday.

Personally, I love eating at the airport. Despite the most likely inflated prices, it’s just something I’ve come to love and expect every time I go to the airport (internationally). This usually happens if my grandparents are going on their trips to India. It’s tradition now. As soon as we get to the airport & check-in, we head to the second floor. Then, after getting money, we walk towards the plethora of food joints. I stare at everything, but I usually end up at McDonalds while my brother heads to Pink’s.

apple pie at the airport! (:

After the grandparents leave, we head back to the parking structure. As soon as we get to this bridge connecting the main airport to the parking structure, my brother and I race down (it has a small decline) to see who wins. I always do, because I’m awesome (and four years older so waddup).

The point is, I love going to the airport not only because of the interesting people and surroundings, but because it’s full of memories and traditions that I hope will continue for years to come.

OH AND RANDOM STORY. So, since there were two cars, my brother went with my uncle & I went with my dad. As we were driving home, I guess my dad decided it was okay to speed (I told him he should probably slow down for the record but as usual, deaf ears and all that). We were just about to get to my house, and he still didn’t slow down and OF COURSE this car is turning. While my dad is speeding. On the same road. He quickly hit the brakes, and turned just a bit so that we missed the guy (or girl, I wasn’t paying attention) by a couple feet. My god, my heart was beating so fast… I think I just shouted as he got too close. After that, my dad just got mad (yes, because you have the right to get mad after almost getting us into an accident due to your inability to give a damn about laws that are put into a place for a reason, but whatever) and told me to not say anything (my mom likes to nag, as I’ve established). I think he got even madder cause a while before that, I commented that he was supposed to change lanes one at a time on the freeway (yay driver’s ed!) when he was just going lane after lane. But at least we survived, so happy day!

Speaking of taking off, it is time to start college apps/finish summer homework.

Summer homework. I don’t even have that much. First, there’s stats. Basically, I had to take notes on two chapters, half of which was examples so whatever. It wasn’t that bad. Honestly, the thing I got frustrated at most were the stupid colored pens I was using because of course my mom got the weird ones, so they didn’t work properly half the time. Still, that’s over and done with. The second part is answering questions while reading a book. Having taken Statistical Reasoning in Sports (AP Statistics without the AP; OG Finite REPRESENTT), I know most of the answers, but I figure reading might help. The only thing is, I’m too lazy to go find the book at the library and I don’t want to waste money on such a tiny book, so I found it online. I already waste so much time online, and it’s such a pain reading online. Jeez. At least the questions aren’t too bad. Second, there’s lit. Lit homework is to read Pride & Prejudice as well as Frankenstein and to brush up on How to Read Literature Like A Professor & Greek/Roman mythology. I wish I could say I was one of those super cOOl and hipster types that have read Pride & Prejudice six billion times and the cover’s torn and all that but honestly, I thought it was boring. I attempted to read it a while ago (before I got the assignment), and I got bored in the middle so I put it down. I’ve read a couple chapters since, but I haven’t had the motivation. As for Frankenstein, I just bought it, but I figure I should finish P&P before I start that. As for the How to blah blah & the mythology, I went over that in 10th grade, but I guess I’ll brush up on it before school starts. It’s funny, cause I bought Something Blue by Emily Griffin to read with Frankenstein the other day, and I finished that book within a couple hours but I couldn’t manage finishing P&P within a couple of months.

College apps. (cue groans of every student in the class of 2013) Even though I’ve asked/read about so much, I still don’t really get it. Or at least, I don’t feel stress. I’ll complain like no other, but on the inside? I really could care less. I guess it just hasn’t hit me yet. I did create an account on Common App. First step, right? So far, I’m applying to Boston University, Emerson College, and the University of Southern California. I got the prompts for BU & USC (I made a document to keep them all in one place – organizational success!). USC is so weird. It asks for your favorite food, for one. But oh well, it’s pretty interesting, so props to them. I don’t really know what I’m going to write for anything, but I’ve already received three offers to have my essay read (one helped this guy get into Berkeley, the other has a daughter at BU, and the last got into Berkeley so I think I’ll take them up on their offers). I guess I should start the other essays as well. But damn it, I just don’t care!

So hopefully, I’ll have most of my summer homework done and have started my college apps within two weeks? Goal set. Let’s hope I can meet them.


shivaani (:


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