class of ’13!

So anyways, I decided that as soon as I got my senior registration stuff, I would make a blog dedicated to document every sophisticated, witty, intelligent, and perhaps moronic development in my life.

Today, I went to the OC fair to volunteer (but free admission + free t-shirt wasn’t too bad so yknow). First of all, since my mom complained about the early time (4 AM to be exact), she demanded that I set my alarm. My mom looooves to nag, so I figured might as well. I have a bunch of preset alarms on my phone, so I just edited the time. What I didn’t notice was the part where it said ‘weekdays’. Guess whose alarm didn’t ring? My mom came to my room luckily, wondering why I wasn’t up. I jumped out of bed (literally) and I don’t even know how I got ready so quickly. Amazing how that happens, but really I hate it because I can’t sleep because I guess I still feel the shock of being woken up so abruptly. We ended up leaving at 4:36 AM. We were supposed to leave at 4:20 AM. The call time was 5 AM. We got there at 5:21 AM.

By the way, I hate detours. The signs (at least here in SoCal) are always hidden amongst the trees, so it’s like how the heck am I supposed to see the tiny sign which is supposed to get me back on track. But I digress so…

It got colder when I went there which sucks because I hate cold weather. Bane of my existence (btw watch the dark knight rises cause it was really quite amazing). I got the free shirt, and checked in to do work at which point I realized I had gotten there before some of the other volunteers (which was weird considering they lived way closer and the whole alarm fiasco). My job ended up being giving racers their numbers & having them sign in. I don’t know what it is, but just registering all the racers in is so much fun because you get to see and meet all types of people. More often than not, they’re actually really sweet and talkative so yeah. This is the second time I’ve done registration for a race! Afterwards, we ended up cheering for the racers. It bugged me that we had to wait for every single racer but I guess I’d want that so whatever.

After other random tasks, we finally got what we were waiting for – the golden (not really) ticket. Success was ours.

*We actually got medals that they gave to the racers because there was a huge surplus so YAY.


-I can’t really say anything about the parking since my dad just dropped me off.

-It can get really expensive, so I’d try to sneak in water or something like that.

-Try to go online and check when they have deals! On two days, you can pay one fee and get unlimited rides (which would’ve been helpful today).

-Sunscreen. And comfortable shoes.

-There is lots of fried food, so if you’re trying to stay healthy, this is definitely the WRONG place to do it.

-Get there early! So much less line, and it’s a lot cooler (weather wise).

-Check out the convention, with all the different stores. Just beware that they’re mainly looking to impress the adults, so don’t expect to get anything free or any nice treatment besides a smile from the employees if you’re a teenager/child.

-Look around! Especially when you’re looking for food, because the price can range a couple of dollars for the same thing! Plus, there’s a lot of outdoor booths/stores to look at as well!

-It smells. You can’t escape it.

-You don’t have to buy 10-20 tickets. You can buy 1 ticket or 3 tickets or 7 tickets! So don’t think you need to spend a whole twenty on tickets!

-Be prepared to spend a lot of money.

-The small booths & animals were actually really interesting to look at, so it doesn’t hurt to go visit that!

-Sparkletts had free water. That’s just an example. You can find stuff like that, but you really need to just walk around the entire park and trust me, it’s huge.

Overall, I’d say it was fun but waaay too over-priced for a county fair. It has the prices of an amusement park without the cleanliness/amazing experience. It’s only good for a couple hours (unless you’re made of money). The admission isn’t too bad, so if you want to take the family out or even the boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife out, I’d say go for it (if you’re not struggling too much in the financial department that is. trust me. the food/rides will taunt you).

at the oc fair! (:

Next time, I think I’ll just stay local if I want to volunteer or even hang out at a carnival.


shivaaani (:




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